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RVD Business Intelligence Consultancy, Inc. (RVDBic)

Founded in 1993, RVD Business Intelligence Consultancy, Inc. (RVDBic) is a pioneering business risk and intelligence consultancy firm in the Philippines with an extensive experience across a wide range of business and intelligence services including the following:

  • Brand and Intellectual Property Rights Protection;
  • Competitive/Business Intelligence Consultancy and Allied Services;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Risk Management;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Litigation Support;
  • Corporate Compliance;
  • Customized Investigative Services; and
  • Innovative Technology Security Solutions

RVD Business Intelligence Consultancy, Inc. (RVDBic) which is an integral unit of R. V. Domingo & Associates (RVDLaw), employs a full complement of in-house investigative and technical staff and consultants with a collective experience in these practice areas spanning more than forty (40) years. All RVDBic’s investigative activities and security-related engagements are supervised and overseen by the RVDLaw’s Legal Staff to ensure the admissibility, probative value and integrity of the pieces of evidence gathered in the course of the investigations which eventually lead to actual suppression activities. This unique RVDLaw-RVDBic operational interface provides a seamless, efficient, strategic, and cost-efficient brand and intellectual property rights protection system and methodology which allows a quick and effective response and solution to any anti-piracy and –counterfeiting problem and security concerns.

RVDBic has designed and successfully implemented the security requirements of and anti-piracy and –counterfeiting programs for the soap and detergent industry, the food and beverages companies, major recording and motion picture companies, motorcycle companies, garments and clothing apparels companies, imaging companies, watch manufacturers, footwear manufacturers, toys and gaming companies, cosmetics and fragrances companies, computer microchip manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, software, psychological testing and methodology, and other manufacturers of analogous products.  It has also been engaged by the hotel, restaurant and resorts industry, banking and insurance,  academic institutions, airports, manufacturing concerns and plants, malls, cinemas and theaters, business process outsourcing, resorts, residential subdivisions, etc.

RVD Business Intelligence Consultancy, Inc. has international strategic partnership with FTI Consulting Inc. (formerly International Risk Ltd.) with offices in twenty-six (26) countries on six continents.

Managing DirectorRico V. Domingo, Esq., A.B., LlB., LlM.